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Big Words: Abdicate

Big Words


Queen to abdicate = is ging to/is expected to ODOTETAAN abdicate (source: www.cagle.com )

“Queen to abdicate” = she is going to/is expected to OLETETAAN/ODOTETAAN abdicate (source: http://www.cagle.com )

to abdicate (verb), an abdication (noun SUBSTANTIIVI): LUOPUA KRUUNUSTA

In April 2013, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicated in favour of her son.

To the cheers HURRAAHUUTTO of tens of thousands of people crammed AHTAA shoulder to shoulder outside the royal palace here, Willem-Alexander of the House of Orange-Nassau became the Netherlands’ first king in 123 years on Tuesday as his mother, Queen Beatrix, ended a 33-year reign HALLINTOKAUSI with the stroke VETO of a pen, signing the act of abdication in an ornate KORISTEELLINEN chamber at the palace.
(Read more in the New York Times)

On July 21st, 2013, the Belgian National Holiday, King Albert will abdicate in favour of his son, Crown Prince KRUUNUNPRINSSI Philippe. He announced ILMOITTAA his abdication on July 3rd, 2013.

The King of the Belgians, Albert II, has announced his abdication. In a national televised TELEVISIOIDA address PUHE, the 79-year-old monarch HALLITSIJA said he would step down in favour of his son Crown Prince Philippe, 53, on 21 July, Belgium’s national day.
(Watch the video on the BBC News – French audio, English subtitles)

Check out ABDICATE in Merriam-Webster’s LEARNER’S DICTIONARY

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